Getting Started: Your Urban Bike Project

Urban Bikes
Urban Bikes

Ultimately the best place to start is at the beginning, especially because kicking off on your wrong foot with a new urban bike project is easy to do if you’re hasty and to rapidly dive in and let your over zealous excitement, out power a steady approach that is organized and planned out, to end up with the end result your after. Making this mistake is easy when you’re new to searching out urban bikes and their parts. Getting started the right way often proves vital to the long term success and enjoyment of your bicycle. There are many things to research and get a feel for and consider as you begin.

Bicycle Parts and frame come in a myriad of styles and sizes, but when it comes down to it, you are not going to be as inspired if you are on a heavy 30lb freightliner heading down the bike path or lane. So it is crucial to get manufacture specified weights and quality of materials, so you can build a spreadsheet you can ultimately to add and subtract out to get your personal end result.

As with all aspects of life, urban bikes can be a form of art as well as the functional tool you plan to use it for. There is a fine line between art form and function you must choose prior to designing and implementing a plan of building your urban bike project.

Without doubt there is an eye for high excitement creativity involved in cycling, it is the major player with new frame designs and their high quality modern finishes, which update annually. These opportunities  really make it fun to enhance your own personal artistic choices and to seek out the obscure to simply just be different because you can.

The Cycling Exercise Idea, demonstrates a willingness and eagerness to pay back knowledge forward that we have gained to further enhance your commuter bike experience. Which ultimately enhances your life. We simply have a passion for urban bikes and all bikes as well.

Just Do It

Remember, above all, to actually begin. So often people get hung up on the beginning steps and ideas and pause there, seemingly  stuck and not moving forward with their project of building a cool bicycle. Whether because we don’t know where or how to begin or we are overwhelmed by the number of steps involved in the beginning, we hesitate. We try to cover everything before stepping forward, to test the waters. But all of the Health and Fitness community agrees: just go for it!









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