Santa Cruz Chameleon mountain bike

With a solid decade in existence, the Santa Cruz Chameleon has seen very little updating — just a few refinements that reflect on the most current construction methods, like for example hydroformed style tubing. For a ride to sustain this long is great indicator that Santa Cruz nailed it the first time around. Which also makes the Chameleon the ideal setup for those who are on a budget, or the client who likes their mountain bike packed full to the brim with versatility.

The key details for the Chameleon’s long lived life are adaptability and huge appeal to a multitude of disciplines. Whether you’re a long established mountain biker, or maybe just new to the trail and looking for a fresh place to get a head start, the Chameleon will not let you down. While most of the other hardtail on the market are intended solely for dirt jumping or XC use only, they designed it for a much broader audience. How can a hardtail do all this? The short of it is all in the great design from Santa Cruz. While the long answer nestles nicely in the key details.

One highly distinguishing aspect is the tubing setup. They applied massive tubes in the rear triangle area that are made from 6066 aluminum and provide stiffness for great power transfer. The large diameter is stiffer and has the added benefit of allowing for ultra-thin tubing walls that reduce weight. The heavily gusseted front end also means gobs of strength. It will encourage you to constantly expand your riding style and limits to include stunts and jumps without flinching.

The Southern California company has also modernized the ride a fare amount by opting for a tapered head tube as well on the hard tail frame, along with a bit longer top tube and nicely integrated ISCG chain guide mounts, they have also slackened the Chameleon’s  head tube by 1 degree, which sounds like a recipe for an absolute blast out on the trail. They have made it possible to utilize a full spectrum of front suspension forks, ranging from 100mm all the way up to 150mm in travel to make it versatile not only for cross country use but bigger hit trail use.

The Chameleon colors available for 2014 will be Ultramarine Blue shown at the purchase link below, while the Tennis Yellow is shown above. The price for the Frame is $750.00 listed below, while the other configurations are available to the right, along with geometry specs are at the bottom of the page, have fun and shred safe…

Check out the Santa Cruz video below to get better understanding of this amazing mountain bike. Possibly this is the bike to learn how to blast the same, berm shots, wooden transitions, and sandy corners that Ratboy and Steve Peat rip in the vid. 

Chameleon R AM TRAIL BIKE model ….Enjoy!
– complete bike, $2,098.00 decked out with Shimano components, complete mountain bikes are available with free shipping here…
Chameleon D XC TRAIL BIKE model …..Enjoy!
– complete bike, $1,498.00 decked out with SRAM components, complete mountain bikes are available with free shipping  here…
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Santa Cruz Chameleon 26 inch mtb frame details-2013

Santa Cruz Chameleon-geometry-2013

  • add to cart button light blueframe only msrp pricing $750.00 USD, now discounted to $610.00.
   RockShox Recon Silver TK 120   1862   N/A   N/A   N/A   N/A   N/A   N/A
   FOX 32 Float CTD 120   N/A   na  na   na   na
   FOX 32 Float CTD oc 130   N/A   na   na   na   na
   FOX 32 Float CTD Adjust FIT 120   N/A  na   na   na   na
   FOX 32 Float CTD Adjust FIT 130   N/A   na   na   na   na   na

.. Have fun /shred it!