Ritchey-P-27.5 steel-hardtail-mtb

A great attribute to being self employed and owning your own brand, cycling for instance their are great opportunities to build whatever your inspired for, thus knowing your own personal tastes are fully involved and you don’t have to worry about it accommodating the likes of masses. Which is the route, Tom Ritchey opted to go for this year to present his own personal P-650B decked out with a SRAM XX1 drive kit. It was actually constructed via fillet brazing for the NAHBS show this year that was held in Denver, Colorado. His standard 27.5 models he will be selling for 2013 are actually tig welded, to differentiate his one-off show model shown above and the pictures below.


His newest 650B wheel and tire models are also shown below…


Ritchey-P-650b mtb

Ritchey-Z-Max-Revolution 27.5 Vantage-Wheels

Shown above is the newest sized Ritchey Z Max Evolution 650b/27.5 mtb tire, that is reported to be available this spring, retailing for $69.95, with tire dimensions of 27.5×2.1 for the model. No weights have been reported yet?

The newest WCS Vantage Alloy 27.5 wheelset is already available, retailing for $799.00, and weigh a modest 1587 grams for the pair. The rigid WCS carbon r650B fork that was displayed in the top photo, has a claimed weight of 615 grams and available for $499.