Pivot Mach 6-xx1

Pivot has been at a painstaking pace for the newest Mach 6 27.5 Mountain Bike for 2014, it’s been in development for over 2 solid years. All the while the sheer excitement that has been brewing underneath this ride has been nothing short of explosive. It was honestly the hardest kept secret for them to ever sustain, but they ultimately knew what the level of ride they had created, which made the release of this amazing machine hit home that much sweeter.

Their newest 650B full suspension platform, the Mach 6 is nothing like anything in the Pivot line-up. They designed the new machine literally from the single track up to optimize what the 27.5 wheel platform was all about and absolutely storm the growing Enduro racing scene with a vengeance. They crafted it with one singular purpose, that would be to go way faster than anything else out there on the most aggressive topography, no matter whether it’s up or down.
Pivot Mach6 e-blue
The Mach 6 uses the next generation of long travel dw-link design. Which features 6.1” (155mm) of travel, a low BB height (13.6”), longer top tubes, lower stand-over, and a slack head angle (66 degrees), all constructed aboard a responsive, ultra stiff carbon frame, this is a ride developed to push your capabilities and reward those willing to push the limits. They have optimized the design with internal top tube cable routing, internal dropper post routing, ISCG 05 tabs, and a look that screams of Mach speed.  It absolutely shreds for the aggressive trail rider.
Mach 6 grey-neon
The faster you wish to go on technical terrain, the more confidence it will instill.  The Mach 6 rewards the pro enduro rider with new found levels of speed and performance and the enthusiast, a bike that will take your riding confidence up to a whole new level.

•     They started of by playing around with an eccentric style pivot design, but this proved lighter and smoother while also allowing for a shorter chainstay length. Which measure in at 430mm (16.93″). But this design wasn’t only driven by what the geometry numbers dictated. Pivot’s lead man, Chris Cocalis wanted something that really highlighted the DW-Link’s anti-squat characteristics. Through several reviews the new Mach is said to climb just as we’ll as it rips the DH sections

•    6.1” (155mm) travel next generation dw-link® suspension design with position-sensitive anti-squat that pedals, accelerates and handles like a bandit.

•    Employs a new rocker arm and bearing design to keep the chainstays quite a bit shorter despite the longer 155mm (6.1″) travel and to improve small bump performance at the same time. This “next generation DW-Link” setup has a new rocker link that uses two different upper bearing positions. This will connect the shock yoke and rear triangle at slightly offset positions, which allow them to fine tune the variable rate of the shock to maximize performance throughout the entire travel range.

•    Exclusive hollow box, high-compression internal molding technology allows for greater compaction and smoother internal walls resulting in a lighter, stronger, highly optimized frame design with the best stiffness to weight ratio out there.

•    Pivot specific, custom tuned Fox Float or Float X CTD shock, higher performance and adjustment range allowing the rider to quickly and easily adjust for changing course or ride conditions.

•    The front derailleur is direct mount style, while it’s reported they will have a SRAM XX1 equipped model, as well.

•    Internal top tube shift cable routing and down tube dropper seat post routing keeps cables clean and running smooth.

•    Rubberized leather chainstay, inner seat stay, and down tube protectors for a quiet ride and higher impact resistance.

•     The bottom bracket height is 13.6″, which is intentionally low. Something experienced riders will really appreciate is the lower center of gravity, while that occasional pedal strike from less experienced racers is a compromise they are OK with.

•     One last benefit to the new suspension design is that it replaces the bushings of the other bikes with dual-row Enduro Max cartridge bearings. This also aids small bump compliance, which will improve your single track traction.

•     To bring it all together is a 12×142 thru axle, post mount rear brake tabs and a PFBB92 bottom bracket.

•     This ride has been in development for 2 solid years, to be the sweetest Enduro race bike ever.

•     The newest Mach mtb is has that unmistakable Pivot look. They made the toptube length about a centimeter or so more than the Mach 5.75 model. The logic was to accommodate for the increase in rear travel without having to put an strange bend in the downtube. It also helps keep the overall cockpit in the right range given the trend of shorter stem lengths.

•     They based the geometry around a Fox 34 150mm travel fork, but it will easily accommodate the 160mm version. The change in the slack head angle from the additional length will generally be mitigated by increased sag, but still provide you with a bit plusher Enduro ride for those really big days.