tokul-xcTokul 3.0/ 5.0 shown above..
Well known for designing great collapsible water pouches that are used for backpacking and other styles of adventure outdoors, the company Platypus is stepping it up a notch by expanding into the hydration pack industry as well with a complete line of not only new backpacks for the cyclist, but the alpine day hiker as well. They have introduced seven different styles to choose from, in the way of all-day epic rides to short 1-2 hour as well. They have broken the bags into three different model lines, that are named XC shown above, AM Duthie shown below and the Multi Sport displayed at the bottom of the article.
To start with the XC models, they were engineered for the cross country mountain biker who only needs a minimalist application that is light enough weight but will still carry enough for those one-to two hour daily rides. These are the smallest packs in the line they have termed Tokul 3.0 (with 1 liter of storage), the bigger Tokul 5.0 (has 3 liters storage), and the biggest Tokul 8.0 ( having 5 liters of capacity). They also utilize Platypus’ very own Big Zip SL reservoir and all have built in tool storage and additional mtb mini-pump sleeves. The bigger models simply provide added pockets for extra storage. They have also designed the Tokuls with several options for routing the water line, plenty of reflective details with included loops to hook your light too as well, and removable waist belts if you wish to go that route. They retail for $69.95-$89.95.
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The Sprinter XT version is also at the bottom.. w/ Big Zip..


duthie pack

Platypus stepped up the sizes significantly on their AM model line, also giving the name Duthie to the line of packs, just a personal hunch but I would suspect the name came from a super fun Free-ride/ all mountain park that is west of Seattle called Duthie Park? Not only are they bigger in volume but they are structurally different as well, by utilizing a specific BioCurve Back Panel for extra support that have Air Flow Channels. For added ventilation they also use 3D mesh on the waist and shoulder straps. Designed for riders hucking big on the way down, they have additional padded suspension to support extra weight when a full face helmet is strapped on and while carrying body armor as well.
Being their best bet for big descents and mid-range mtb rides, a Duthie 12.0 model (with 9 liter capacity) will get you there with a 3.0L Big Zip SL water reservoir, plenty of storage space for extra clothing, and plenty of food to make the day in the mountains or desert truly epic.  To add on to this equation for even more storage, Platypus built the (14 liter capacity) 17.0 version, being the largest mountain bike pack in their newest models that will handle 3 liters of water. The pricing for the 12.0 version is $119.95 while the Duthie seventeen will set you back $129.95.
Available below,
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The much anticipated Big Zip SL reservoir, is now here with some cool modern functions like the wide Big Zip slide closure setup, a quick disconnect hose, and their own BPA free dual-layer film that uses a natural antimicrobial treatment for Slime Guard, the other key note for the reservoir is made in the USA. For the nozzles on the Big Zips, Platypus applied two options of either a HyperFlow bite valve or a 90 degree shutoff valve to get water to flow in your mouth, and not all over the front of you.
Pricing for the Reservoir is $34.95
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sprinter xtThey also built the newest Sprinter models for alpine scrambling and day hiking with larger storage. The key Sprinter features include helmet lashes, loops for ice axe, along with carrying collapsible trekking poles. There are two versions available, either the Sprinter XT 25 that retails for $139.95 and the larger Sprinter 35 priced at $159.95.

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