Oakley Switchlock Equiped Airbrake MX Goggle

oakley airbrake mx switchlock goggle


If your a downhill rider, you know all to well how frustrating it can get trying to change lenses in your goggles because the light conditions can so rapidly change just before your dh run. In all reality, to change the lens in most versions is rather difficult regardless of how much time you have to get it done – which is why Oakley designed and built out the newest Airbrake MX model to put those frustrations in your rear view mirror, and get on with your run with no time stricken panics immediately before your race goes down. They have employed the same Switchlock system that is found in the Jawbone, Fast Jacket, and Radarlock versions of sunglasses, thus allowing for a painless lens change within a mere seconds.


oakley airbrake mx

Alongside the Switch lock, the new lens will also sport their famous Plutonite material they utilize for the sunglasses line, but this will be the first time ever being used for the larger lens, replacing the traditional stamped piece of polycarbonate, the Plutonite is actually injection molded which will ultimately increase the optical clarity all while still providing a maximum level for safety impact protection. The lenses are also fitted with tear off posts and will be offered for $160 at the link below.