Platypus Hydration

Platypus evolves once again with a new line of hydration backpacks with some updated features. From Cross-country to All-mountain, plus women-specific packs, the updated line from the brand owned by big outdoor outfitter Cascade Designs gets some solid new and welcome features, that continues the evolution of their hydration species

Check out their XC & roomier AM packs below the fold, plus their core bladder that has great functionality.

Platypus Hydration Packs

Most hydration bladders have their drawbacks for sure. And though Platypus’ 3.0L Big Zip LP reservoir’s big opening seems nice on its own, but what’s really nice is the “Smart hydration pocket” double hook system. It seems to offer a nice alternative that will hold everything in place. For that hose that can be at best pesky at times, they also have a magnet directly on the sternum strap’s harness attachment to stick it in place.

Platypus Tokul X.C. 5.0Platypus Tokul X.C. 8.0


Platypus’ Tokul X.C. 5.0 (left) and 8.0 (right) are lightweight simple designs for those that don’t necessarily want the bulk or a bigger pack, but need enough room for the minimal necessities plus maybe a light jacket or a vest and arm warmers.

platypus Duthie-AM



For all day adventures, or if you always feel the need to be prepared for that “enduro” moment, the Duthie A.M. 10.0 & 15.0 will haul it all. In addition to carrying your full-face lid, there are side pockets for easy access to elbow & knee pads, as well as a fleece-lined pocket for your shades. There’s even a rain fly in case foul weather rears its ugly head.


Their women-specific B-Line packs offer the same 8.0 liters of storage as the Tokul 8.0 but in a women’s specific design and fit. By using soft-touch materials at body contact points, these may be a little more comfortable to wear, should you choose to ride in a tank top vs. a full short-sleeve jersey. The shorter back-panel length, anatomically shaped & angled waist belt & shoulder straps, along with a “long-track” sternum strap adjustment might fit the more petite or curvy crowd.

platypus Siouxon

Similar to the B-line women’s XC pack, the Siouxon 10.0 is tailored more to fit many women’s typically different physique, and has the same all-mountain features as the Duthie above. Platypus has also done well to avoid the old pink-and-shrink, so smaller men might take advantage of the B-line and Duthie, as well.

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