YT Jeffsy CF Pro Race 27 – LIQUID METAL

Far out or nothing – JEFFSY is their first trail-bike, and their very own definition of trail riding. YT JEFFSY CF Pro Race 27 is the most aggressive all-mountain bike on the market, the YT amongst trail-bikes, might be the perfect buddy for all those of you who want to ride a tad faster, more aggressive and more creative than the mainstream. And with its incredible propulsion JEFFSY and you will conquer the steepest climbs. Whatever life throws at you – JEFFSY has your six.

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JEFFSY CF 27 / 29″

First of all with a JEFFSY 29 you get possibly the most aggressive and agile 29er on the market. The large 29 “wheels fit perfectly into the compact silhouette of the frame and are responsible for a big BB drop – so you are well placed in the bike and feel at home in tough situations, while the aggressive steering angle combined with the bigger wheel diameter of the JEFFSY 29 create a freight train. Furthermore the JEFFSY 27 is for those who want to be a bit more agile and playful on the trail. So that the compact JEFFSY does not have to hide on rough ground and also takes the jump from one or the other with pleasure, with more spring trail it relaxes you on violent trails and makes the JEFFSY 27 the right choice when it comes to showcasing the hammers even in enduro races. At the end of the day it does not matter. But the fun you had when you hammered. And this great feeling of profound satisfaction, which is set after a day when you have given uphill everything to fire loose loose across the trails and by the residents. Whether it is the JEFFSY 27 or the JEFFSY 29: No matter what wheel size you believe – it depends on what you do with it.

For you, JEFFSY is nothing but the most gravity-capable bike in the all-mountain sector. It employs their award-winning Virtual 4 Link suspension technology, which provides an extremely sensitive response, a super-stable mid-travel and a rich end-progression. V4L not only gives you a great deal of safety on rough ground and wide jumps, but also makes kicking extremely efficient, which ultimately results in an excellent Uphill-Performance.

The frame scores high-marks with its compact silhouette and its dubiously downhill-oriented geometry, a rich BB drop and one of the most aggressive steering angles available in all mountain biking. The low overhang height, the wide riser handlebar, the pronounced reach and the compact chain strut ensure optimum handling. And to make no compromises, the length of the rear body is matched to every frame size. So you are flying through the curves and you feel like you are at home even on the roughest passages.

With this YT JEFFSY CF 27, this Enduro-Freeracer is the qualified racing machine for the Enduro World Series. Easy to shred, as the Jeffsy is properly equipped with a dose of adequate spring travel. As he drove it on the steep and violent trails of Canada for the first time, it was clear that the JEFFSY got a place in his Enduro Race fleet.

YT Jeffsy CF Pro Race 27