We have absolutely no parameters here at this fun, little Cycling Exercise space on the the web. We are very passionate about all the great fundamental parts of pedaling road bikes, urban bikes and of course our mountain bikes!
No matter how wonderful a bicycle is, it is not complete until it has been ridden. The bike is nothing without the rider. Therefore, to make a perfect bike, its rider must be present in the concept of what they desire. If cyclists came in just couple of regular types and sizes the evolution of the bike would nearly be complete, but at SingletrackLink we realize that as humans we are all different. Every cyclist is unique, and the bicycle can only improve a rider’s health and fitness if it is respectful to their each individual differences.

To put together a bicycle that is super light, fast and still comfortable is something special indeed. But there is a certain quality that goes far beyond that, something special that’s been a part of all our personal favorite bikes over the years for especially the mountain bike, something that causes them to lodge in our hearts. What’s important to us is to put together urban bikes or e-bikes, built with bike accessories that have that special quality of what syncs perfectly with our own particular personality types. Over time these bikes have been categorized as “favorites”. And it’s important that they stay this way not for the first year or two, but for possibly a decade,  some of our bikes are life long.
It’s not only in the blood here, it’s been nested deep in the soul . So anyway if you want to talk about bikes and riding bicycles, and anything related, the newest info about recent articles related to mountain, road and urban bikes below.   HAVE FUN Riding HERE!

Rocky Mountain Altitude 770MSL BIKE – ’13  click on the link or photo below

Altitude 770 MSL

 $ n/a

Actual Weight: n/a

Beyond the name, Rocky kept very little from last years model, not only increasing the wheel size to 27.5 on the Altitude 770 MSL, they also increased the travel to a solid 150mm to increase trail worthiness. It has also received new adjustable geometry that is quite impressive, to say the least … click below for

Rocky Mountain Altitude730 MTB – 2013 (tech at it’s Finest!)

Altitude 730

$ 2,845

Actual Weight: 1100 grams

Rocky Mountain has been at it providing rides to the mtb industry since ’81, based in Vancouver BC. And to fast-forward to 2013, their full suspension bikes are prime contenders for an update into the latest rage of 27.5 and 650B wheel sizing, that is proven to give a best of both worlds scenario. But R.M. not only stepped it up to 27.5 for the new Altitude 730 bike, they also designed it to be a sweet value for the wallet. So…. … click below for

Diamondback PODIUM 6/Di2 ROAD link below


Actual Weight: 1550 grams

Diamondback Bicycles are very well known for their history in the mtb industry, but most recently they have taken a strong interest into the tarmac side of things, and have made some huge strides towards developing a kick butt group of road bikes for 2013. A great example is the Podium 6 carbon fiber frame, that utilizes their highly advanced Monocoque Molding Setup to make sure every single piece of carbon get’s precisely laid in the correct direction and exact location to provide off the charts durability and … click below for

IBIS MOJO SL Special Blend – 2013 click on the link or photo below

mojo sl zoom1

$ 2749.00

Actual Weight: n/a

In the mountain bike industry, to locate a sub three-thousand dollar model built out of carbon is extremely hard to do. What’s out there are a component spec that leaves a lot to be desired. So it’s pretty crazy to come across Ibis of all companies in this selection of sales. Because the Mojo SL frame purchase price by itself will cost you just over 2K. But, they have worked it out so the Mojo SL Complete Bike package falls south of that magical 3K price range. All, while … click below for

Osprey FLAPJACK COURIOUR BAG – 2013 click on the link or photo below

flapjack courier bag

sale price $ 59.00

Actual Weight: n/a

Osprey’s stylish Flapjack Courier Bag is not only superior for handling those smart accessories such as your laptop, but yet easily handles any day-to-day stuff as well making it quite functional for your pedal-powered commute. They were also able to get the ergonomics for the shoulder sling quite comfortable by combining it with a snap together waist strap to … click below for

ALL MAVIC MOUNTAIN BIKE WHEELS- 2013 deemax, crosstrail and crossmax below

Mavic Deemax ultimate mountain bike wheels-2012

$ n/a

Actual Weight: n/a

Mavic’s tried and true Crossmax SLR Wheels are the beacon on the hill when it comes down to stiff, lightweight, and close to nearly indestructible alloy wheels. … click below for

Motorola MotoACTV | Cycling watches
Here is an awesome new product from Motorola.
This is our top pick of the year for 2013: Some cool health and fitness innovation for sure.





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